Artist Statement

Creating wonderful, original works of art with clean loving energy is the intention of my work. My hope is that the excitement I feel as I lovingly compose the combination of colors and texture in each piece, is experienced by the viewer. It is such a joyful experience for me. Working in fiber has been my main focus since I was a small child. There was this amazing Cuban seamstress who lived behind my grandmother. I remember picking through her trash, like a miner looking for gold. The colors and textures were like jewels to me. Her culture was all about fearlessly embracing vibrant colors.

Nature and fantasy are combined in much of my work, along with a deep concern for the health and well being of the planet and the beings residing on and in her.

The primary focus of my work is fiber with mixed media.

I am most known as the Dragon Lady. I started dreaming and creating dragons in 1980. Thousands of dragons have been created to date and I still love it. Giving “birth” to each new dragon is still an exciting and joy filled experience. They are magical!

Happy dances are a regular event in my studio.